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Goth XPRG RG65 for 3D printing:  Deutsch Benoit has completed these drawings for the Goth XP RG  and has kindly made them available for free download from this site. The file is a zipped file containing all the STL files.

Deutche’s Notes: I’m happy to share with you the 3D model in STL designed for small printers ( diam 13mm & 13 mm hight ) Only the bulb fin need to be printed in 2 half. Holes are performed to insert carbon stick. Hope You will enjoy it.

Be free to put  it on you web site ( just insert my name )  if you are happy of my job (  and do not  hesitate to revert if something wrong ).

Printer parameter are : filling 100% for all elements, Hull thickness 1.2mm, Support normally you don’t need. Just glue with cyano. The mast tube is 12mm outside and 10mm diam inside.

Goth XP RG Benoit update 01

The Free updated IOM mast and boom schematic along with FRD IOM Setup Guide

FRD IOM Setup Guide Mast and Booms combined Feb 2020

Gothica A class 2017 FREE Click HERE Gothica A class Plan to download the pdf


GOTH – USOM $FREE Click HERE:  Goth-USOM to Download as pdf


GothiX 10r  –  Ten Rater CLASS YACHT  $FREE  Click HERE:  Gothix-10r to download as pdf

GothiX Youtube Video


GOTH RG – RG65 CLASS YACHT $FREE Click HERE: Goth-RG to Download as pdf
$FREE RG65-Sail-Plans


GOTHIC – M  $FREE  Click HERE: Gothic-M-Plan to Download as pdf

FREE Marblehead-Sail-Plans

goth-iom-plan-2013GOTH – IOM $FREE. Click HERE:  Goth-IOM-Plan to download as pdf

paperclipmk2freea4planPaper Clip Mk2  – IOM  $FREE Click Here: Paperclip MK2 Plan to download as pdf