A Class


UFO Mk2 – A 2020 development of the successful UFO with a heavier displacement and larger sail plan. Improved aft sections with the chine removed.

LOA: 1838mmLWL: 1250mm Disp: 15kg SA: 0.978763 m2

PDF Plan emailed or Printed and posted on 12 A3 sheets

If you require another format: DXF, or DWG, 2D or 3D or printed paper plan, postage extra.



UFO – A Class LWL: 1250mm Disp: 13.6kg SA: 0.892245 m2

PDF Plan emailed or printed and posted on 8 A3 and 1 A4 sheets, postage extra.



Sidewinder MK2  A Class  Australian style lightweight clean hull shape A Class.

1250 mm LWL 13.1kg

Plans $30

PDF emailed or printed and posted on 9 A3 sheets, postage extra.

Gothica A class 2017 FREE Click HERE Gothica A class Plan to download the pdf