Sails for: IOM, Ten Rater, Marblehead, A class.

Materials used are 50 and 75 Micron Mylar Film, 1mil Mylar, 1.5 mil Mylar film.

Standard Class Sizes:

Are basically your normal sail. I use standard sizes or patterns for IOM. Standard Patterns for 10r are: Phoenix 1- 3, Phoenix 4 – 7, Phoenix 8, GothiX.  If your sail is very close to a standard size I easily adjust the pattern to your sizes.

Custom Made Sails:

Custom sails can be made to your specs and sizes. Call or email me about you particular project and needs, and I will give you a quote and a delivery date. Prices are based closely on standard class sizes plus 10%.

Ordering Standard and Custom Sails:


****** Delivery time from ordering is approx 10 days ******

When ordering, please include the following;

Main luff finish:                       Style and tape colour: White, Black Blue, Burgundy

Jib luff finish:                            Style and tape colour: White, Black Blue, Burgundy

Corner Patches Colour:        White, Black Blue, Burgundy or a combination.

For 10r:    Please include a copy of the sail plan or  measurement form  if available. A diagonal measurement from the clew to the inside head on main and jib on pre-2016 rule boats is helpful. A main and jib foot shape diagram is also an advantage.

A Class:     Please include a copy of the sail plan or measurement certificate if available.  A Jib profile pattern or foot shape diagram is also an advantage.


Mainsails: are finished standard with reinforced holes for luff ties or rings.

Ten Rater, M and A: Pocket luff mainsails are add 20% to the sail’s cost.

Please add $5 for Luff Wire.

Jibs are now finished standard with Dacron tape with wire. Colour choices are: White, Black, Blue Burgundy.


Sail numbers and class insignia conform to ISAF-RSD standard sizes.  (ISAF RSD Sail Measurement Rules 2021-2024 Appendix E8 and G.)

Numbers and insignia on Film sails are stenciled black. On Dacron/Mylar/Code Zero sails they are self adhesive plastic.

All sails come with class insignia fitted  Numbers are $18 per set fittedAll sails come with Class insignia fitted.

POSTAGE:          Aust:    $12 per set (Add $4 for each additional set)

IOM Sails:

Suit                  $Aus                  Construction

A                      $120                  50 micron film

B                       $110                 50 or 75 micron film

C                      $100                  75 micron film or 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate

10r Sails:

Suit                  % Area             $Aus       Construction

A                      100%                $210           50/75 mic film  or 1 mil  Mylar for a heavier set

B                       90%                 $200           75 mic Film or 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate**

C                      80%                 $190            1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate

D                      60%                 $170            1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate

E                       40%                 $150            1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate

Marblehead Sails:

Suit                  $Aus                Construction

A                      $190                 50/75 micron film

B                      $180                 75 micron film

C                      $170                 75 micron film or 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate**

C2                     $160                 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate

C3/B2                $150                 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate

*Standard sizes

A Class Sails:

Suit                 % Area             $Aus                Construction

 A                     100%                $230                50/75 Micron Film or 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate**

B                      90%                  $210                 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate**

C                      80%                  $190                 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate

C2                    60%                  $180                 1.0/2.0 Mil Mylar Laminate