Ten Rater Yachts

PHOENIX – 6 10r  2015 – 17

The Phoenix MK 6 features a narrower hull than early Phoenix MK’s.

LOA: 1550 mm LWL: 1200mm, BOA: 166mm, Draught: 680mm, Disp 5.7kg, SA: 1.043 m2

Hulls are white undercoat decks are either clear finished carbon or undercoat.


Hull fore deck and plans: $450 Assembled boat: deck, fin, rudder and bulb: from$2000

Hulls are white undercoat decks are either clear finished carbon.

Carbon Hull and Deck with plans: $500

Assembled boat: deck, fin, rudder and bulb: from $2000


Freight extra. plans are included, but if you have already purchased plans the cost of the plans will be discounted.

Hull and deck kits are generally available ex stock.

I am making these boats occasionally  on spec. So I usually do have Hull/Deck Kits available. If not your name will be placed on my back order list, and you will be given an approximate date and contacted when available.

In 2018 assembled boats and occasionally fully assembled rigged boats will be available.  If interested please email or call me, to discuss, what is available now and to work out freight cost.

A deposit is not required but full payment must be made before dispatch.


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10r: Phoenix 7MX



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GothiX 10r:


Updated: 09/11/17